Black Faux Felt Western Cattleman Hat

SKU: BFF-25-26-BLK
$38.99 - $41.99
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4-1/2" Crown, 3-3/4" Brim

70% Polyester, 30% Cotton

***Hat band color may vary.*** 

Available fit options for Sized Fit and Elastic Fit-All

Kid Sizes
Sizes: SKU:
K50 BFF-25BLK-K50
K51 BFF-25BLK-K51
K52 BFF-25BLK-K52
K53 BFF-25BLK-K53
K54 BFF-25BLK-K54
K55 BFF-25BLK-K55
K (Elastic one size fits all)  BFF-26BLK-K
Adult Sizes
Sizes: SKU:
A53  BFF-25BLK-A53
A54 BFF-25BLK-A54
A55 BFF-25BLK-A55
A56 BFF-25BLK-A56
A57 BFF-25BLK-A57
A58 BFF-25BLK-A58
A59 BFF-25BLK-A59
A60 BFF-25BLK-A60
A61 BFF-25BLK-A61
A62  BFF-25BLK-A62
A63 BFF-25BLK-A63
S/M (Elastic one size fits all)  BFF-26BLK-M
L/XL (Elastic one size fits all)  BFF-26BLK-L