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About Us

Western Express is a distributor and brand of country western cowboy hats, holsters, belt buckles, bolo ties, and other related products and accessories. We have enjoyed a rich and storied heritage of commerce in the world of western apparel and accessories. What began in the 70’s, as a small one-man operation wheeling and dealing in flea markets, has been steadily built and expanded into a full line of apparel and accessories servicing several thousand accounts across the USA and abroad. Our products are found in gift shops, apparel stores, western supply stores, rodeos, flea markets, and much, much more. In 2018, Western Express went through a transformation of ownership. Under the new management, we strive to listen to our customers, expand our line, and look for ways to improve the practices in our business and our industry. Our mission is to present a thorough selection of high quality and sensibly priced merchandise in the Western and related themed categories. We invite you to try our products, as we have carefully curated our collections to fit a precise and demanding level of detail. In addition, we take pride in giving the individualized attention to every single customer; the attention they deserve! Most recently, we have moved into our new state of the art office and warehouse complex in Lawrence, Pennsylvania. If you ever find yourself in our area, please stop by and say hello! Through thick and thin, we stand strong and proud in the world of western wear, ever ready to serve our customers in the best way we know how. Now, more than ever, we are committed to serving our customers big and small for many years to come!